We help simplify the process of what is one of the most important decisions of your life. Home buying. We help you meet, create, and stay in touch with the Team of professionals you need to be successful on your home buying journey. No matter what stage in the process you are, we can help you from here.
We cover all aspects of home buying. Buyers and Sellers can privately connect with Lenders, Agents, and Industry Vendors and Businesses, like Home Repair Contractors, Closing Attorney’s, Decorators, and Insurance Companies. If it has to do with homes, they are here.
Take the time to learn from our educational segments, which show you everything from how to prepare for the buying or selling process, to industry standards, industry news, DIY How-To’s, tips, and checklists.
We give you the right tools and knowledge for your successful real estate journey.

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Joining our community allows you to find, choose, and stay in touch with all the parties involved in the home buying and selling process. Buyers and Sellers can reach Mortgage Lenders, Real Estate Agents, and Business Vendors, like Contractors, Attorneys, and Insurance Carriers.   We provide you with an amazing platform to keep the business of real estate easy and private.  As a Buyer, you control who can contact you.

a traffic light?

Fun. Quick. Safe way to show a Buyer’s Loan Stage to a Seller or their Agent

NO MORE LOOKY LOOS.  Sellers and Listing Agents want those buyers entering available homes to be, at a minimum, pre-qualified with a Lender.  Our Loan Status Traffic Light gives Buyers and Buyer’s Agents a simple way to text or email that Loan Stage without sharing the Buyer’s private information, like a Lender’s Prequalification letter would show.  Our Loan Lights are the same as a street traffic light:  RED, YELLOW, or GREEN.

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Contract to close

Build your private group

A unique feature that we know you will love is our Property Specific group messaging.  Buyers can create their private HOME TEAM GROUP for the home they are going to purchase.  The Buyer can invite any RFS member to their group to help them in their home buying journey.  Group discussion boards, calendars, and other helpful features keep everyone up to date on the contract to closing process, so that your home purchase transaction remains smooth.  No more sifting through emails to find important information about each particular sale.  This feature keeps you organized, whether you are buying one home, or helping lots of buyers with their purchases.


Reach the goal of buying a home in 2017.

Red Light- New User

  • No Lender Chosen Yet
  • New Buyer Registration Complete

Yellow Light- PQ

  • Has Lender Chosen
  • Prequalification Letter Completed

Green Light- GO

  • Full Lender Application Completed
  • Pre-approved Loan in Process

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